I am getting an ORCAP 1746 error when I try to paste a schematic parts from one design to another. Have you seen this before? How can I resolve this issue?





The ORCAP 1746 error occurs when source schematic parts are copied from one OrCAD version and pasted into a different OrCAD version. The steps that follow describe how you can resolve this error. 

  1. Open the <source>.dsn.

  2. Select all parts in the Project Manager Design Cache folder. The image presented above, for example, provides an example of selected parts in a sample design.

  3. With the parts selected, select Update Cache from your right mouse pop-up menu.

  4. Open the <target>.dsn. Copy and paste parts from the source design to the target design.


If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, force the cache update as follows. 

  1. Launch Capture. Without opening a project, select the menu items: Options > Extended Preferences. Your selection opens the Extended Preferences Setup dialog.

  2. Click the Design Cache listed in the far left column. Then Click the Update Cache selection arrow to display the drop list options. Select Forced.

  3. Click the Apply and OK buttons. 

  4. Open the source and target designs and try to copy and paste parts as described above.