Can I create a Capture report that lists my design parts by schematic zone?


You can use Capture to create either a CSV or HTML report that lists parts by schematic zone. The the steps that follow demonstrate this process.



  1. Open your design and highlight the DSN file in the Project File Manager.

  2. Open a Part search window, by selecting the Edit > Find menu or by pressing your keyboard keys (Ctrl + F). Your selection opens the floating/lockable Find window.

  3. Notice the items you can select to include in your search. Deselect (uncheck) all items except the Parts check box.  
  4. Click the Find button to execute the part search. When the search is completed, the search results are reported in the Find Results window, which is also a floating/dockable window.

  5. Notice the Zone column which identifies the zone of each schematic part.  
  6. Position your cursor over the report and select either Save as HTLM or Save as CSV from your right mouse pop-up menu.

    The pop-up dialog opens and reports the path location of the saved CSV or HTML report.

  7. Note the path and click OK to close the dialog.