The font scaling on my schematic fails to match the font on my title block. What can I do to ensure the fonts match?  

Suggested Solution 

This type of error may be corrected by adding or editing a line in your capture.ini file. To resolve this error complete the following steps. 



  1. Identify the path to your capture.ini file.  
    You can identify the path to your capture.ini file by opening Capture and reviewing the path recorded in your session log.

  2. Open your Capture.ini file in a text editor such as Notepad.  

  3. Scroll to the Preferences section of your capture.ini file.  
  4. Enter the following line under the Preferences section:
  5. Save your capture.ini file and close your text editor.   
  6. Reopen Capture and review your schematic and titleblock to verify the font issue is now corrected.  
    The solution described above should resolve the font scaling error. However, if this suggestion does not resolve the issue you are having, please contact EMA support for further assistance.