I have 4 AND gates in my design.  When I Annotate them, I get 2 different packages for them.  One with 3 of the gates and the other with just 1 gate. Why is this happening?  

Suggested Solution

When a design is annotated, Capture uses the “Combined Property String” to sort the parts as indicted below.  

{Value}{Source Package}{POWER_GROUP} 

If you edit a part on the schematic page, Capture renames the part by adding an underscore (“_”) number (incremented, if necessary) to the end of the “Source Package” name.  


Original part     After edit 

AND                 AND_0 

OR-gate_0       OR-gate _1 

When Capture annotates parts that are edited on a page, it sees 2 (in this case) different parts, AND & AND_0.  So, it has to give them 2 different Reference Designators.
To correct this issue, replace the part that is not the same as the others or replace all with the same library part.  This can be done either by deleting the bad part(s) or using the Replace Cache command on the part.  Please note that removing or replacing this part leaves the initial cause of the issue unchanged.   

Best Practices: If a part needs to be edited, then it is best to do it in a library so that the names are consistently the same.