We are using OrCAD 17.4 and although the installation seemed to be completed correctly, are unable to find the menu access to Ultra Librarian.  


When menu access to Ultra Librarian is unavailable in Capture 16.6/17.x after the Ultra Librarian installation, the UL installation was probably not performed from an admin account.  

To resolve this issue:

  1. Uninstall any instance of the UL software from the Control Panel > Programs and Features section.
  2. Once uninstalled rerun the setup for UL acquired from the site. Be sure to run the installation as admin.  
  3. During the installation, accept all default options and verify the HOME or Working Directory matches the HOME or Working Directory specified by your system (You can find this by opening a Windows CMD prompt and typing in “Set Home”).
  4. Continue the remaining installation steps as normal. 

This should restore the Ultra Librarian tab in Capture. If not please contact for additional assistance.