I am unable to open a .dsn file from Capture. When I click “OK”, the whole session ends, so I am unable to open or view any circuit file. Could you help me to solve this problem? 


The problem that you are experiencing is probably due to the Windows file association set up on your computer. For example, if your .dsn file extension is associated with the PCB Router, you are unable to open a .dsn file from Capture.


To setup a file association



  1. Select Cadence > Cadence Switch Release from the Windows Start menu.

  2. Select the SPB Release that you are using, then click the File Association button. The File Association Setup dialog opens.

  3. Enter dsn as the File Extension. Click the Ellipsis button (three dots) and browse to select the Default Program you want to associate to the dsn file extension. The example shown in the above image shows the selection of capture.exe. 
  4. Click the OK button to close the form and then click the Add/Update button. You should now be able to open a dsn file by double clicking the file name.

    Note: You can also open your designs by starting OrCAD Capture from the Start menu then using File > Open to select your design.