How can I control the horizontal and vertical position of docked Capture windows?


The steps that follow demonstrate how to control the vertical and horizontal positioning of Capture window/panes. 




  1. Click the selection arrow in title bar of the pane you want to reposition. The screen image above highlights the title bar of the Project Manager window. The selection arrow opens options for positioning the pane.

  2. To move the pane, click Floating and then drag the pane by the title bar to an alternate location.

    The image above, for example, shows the Capture Project Manager Hierarchy being dragged.
  3. To reposition the window/pane, drag the window to one of the reposition boxes located each border of the work canvas window. The window will then lock into position along that window border.

    To create a pane that is accessible from a tab, click the window title bar or selection arrow, then select Tabbed Document from your right mouse pop-up menu.