How can I increase the distance between my ground plane and a hole that is not ground?


The steps that follow explain how you can configure the “Hole To Shape” constraint and increase the distance from the ground plane and non-ground hole.  

  1. Open the Spacing Constraint Set that is accessible from the Design Workflow > Constraints > Spacing.
  2. Click to select the All Layers constraint worksheet. 
  3. Scroll to the far right to the Hole To constraints where you can set the desired values for the Hole To Shape constraint. Note: You may need to double-click the column heading to display all constraint categories.  
  4. Verify the constraint is enabled. By default all Hole To constraints are disabled. 
  5. To enable a mechanical hole constraint, select the Analyze > Analysis Mode menu from the Constraint Manager menu, as shown in the above screen image.


     Your selection opens the Analysis Modes dialog. 
  6. Select Design (far left column) and then expand the Mechanical Spacing option. 
  7. Click an On check box to place a selection check mark and enable the mechanical drill hole constraints.
    Note: You may also use this form to enable separate rules for mechanical holes.