How can I apply a color view I created for one board to another board?



There are several ways you can reload and re-apply your color file. You can select the PCB Editor Display > View > Color View Load menu. 

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Or you can alternatively select the name of your color view from the Visibility tab, View drop-list menu. 

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When you save the *.color configuration file in a shared directory and configure the PCB Editor viewpath variable to that directory, your next board will be able to apply that color view. The steps that follow describe in detail how to set this up. 

To save your *.color file in a shared directory:

  1. Select the menu items: Display > View > Color View Save to open the Color Views dialog.

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  2. Click the Save view ellipsis button (three dots) and browse to the shared directory where you want your configuration file (*.color) to be archived.

  3. Enter a name for your *.color file and save the configuration. If you want to preserve the zoom level when you access your color view, check the Preserve zoom level check box.

  4. Save and close the open dialogs.  

To enable PCB Editor to view the shared folder where your *.color files are archived:

  1. Select the Setup > User Preferences menu items.

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  2. Expand the Paths > Config folders.

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  3. Click the viewpath ellipsis button (three dots, call-out 1 in the above screen image) to open the viewpath items dialog. Click the green “+” symbol (call-out 2 in the screen image above) to add a new path input field. Click the ellipsis button (call-out 3) to browse and specify the shared directory where you saved your *.color file.

    After you save and close the open dialogs, the color view will be available the next time you open a board file.