I am trying to create the ground pad for the Toshiba TCKE805NA,RF a reset-able fuse. 

I am able to use an online tool to create the basic outline and pads, but the ground pad has a special shape that the tool is unable to generate. I figured out how to create the special shape and save the .dra file generated. I then used the Create Symbol function to save the .ssm file. How can I create a .pad so I can replace the pad generated with the online tool with the new shape pad I am trying to create.

I get to the point in the Pad Stack Editor of Design Layers > Regular Pad > Geometry Shape Symbol > Shape Symbol. But I am unable to find the .ssm file I created. Although the .ssm file is created, I am not finding it from the Shape Symbol Library Browser. 


The .ssm symbols are stored in libraries that are archived in the directory path configured in the psmpath variable. If you are unable to find your .ssm file, the path is either missing or incorrectly configured in the User Preferences Editor. 

You can validate the path of the psmpath variable by selecting the PCB Editor menu items: Setup > User Preferences. Your selection opens the User Preferences Editor. 

Click to expand the Paths > Libraries folders and display library variables in the right side of the dialog as shown below.



To verify paths associated to the psmpath variable, click the variable ellipsis button, (three horizontal dots).  



Variable paths already configured to the psmpath variable are listed in the lower part of the dialog. 

To enter a new path, simply enter the path into the input field located in the upper part of the dialog. Then click the OK button.