I am using Allegro PCB Editor. While the 3D view of my components is correct, when I try to export using the STEP command the log file is reporting missing STEP files. Additionally, non-plated holes are missing in the 3D-Canvas when I view it in version 17.2. What is wrong?



Check the environment variable STEPPATH to ensure that it includes the directory where the STEP model files are saved. You can check the steppath variable from the User Preferences Editor that is accessed from the Setup > User Preferences menu. 



To verify the steppath variable, expand the Paths > Library folders. Click the steppath ellipsis button (three dots). This opens the steppath items dialog where steppath variables are listed. To add a path, click the green "+" symbol, shown in call-out 4 in the above screen image. Then enter the correct path into the input field. Click OK to save the setting and close the dialog. 

You will be able to successfully export STEP files after your correct the configuration of the steppath variable.  

The 3D Canvas uses facet files to display the component representation. In version 17.2, the non-plated holes are unable to display in the 3D-Canvas for the symbol editor unless there is a pad defined that is larger than the hole diameter.

In version 17.4 the 3D-Canvas for the symbol editor displays a small section of PCB under the symbol so unplated mounting holes are visible. This enables you to check the alignment with STEP model mounting pins.