I translated a file from PADs (ascii file) to OrCAD layout.  The traces and vias came in but didn't have a net.  I believe that the reason is because the end of the trace is just a little bit off from the origin of the pin.  Is there a setup (like in PADS) where I can make the connection area bigger so it will take the end of the trace? Maybe a 1 or 2 mil diameter from the origin of the pin? I don't want to reroute the end of the trace for all of them just to connect it to the origin on the pin.



Select the PCB Editor menu items: Tools >Derive Connectivity.

A form opens as as shown below.  



Verify the Connect lines to connect lines, and the Keep connect lines if not connection check boxes are selected. 

When you select OK the system will try to complete the connections between the traces and the pins.