What is a way I can swap internal etch layers in the Cross-section Editor, (accessed from the menu selection Setup > Cross Section).



The steps that follow provide an example that swaps internal layers 2 and 3. 

  1. Open the Cross-section Editor (accessed from the menu selection: Setup > Cross Section).
  2. Add a dummy-layer that you will use to transfer layer data into.
  3. Disable visibility for everything except the etch and text on layer2.
  4. Select the menu items: Edit > Change. Select new subclass (dummy-layer), change Find Filter to Clines/Text then select all elements by window. This changes all Clines/Text to the new subclass (dummy-layer).
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 but this time turn on only visibility for etch and text on layer3 and change the data to layer2. Use one of the existing layers and change the data to the layer you just removed the data from.
  6. Repeat this again but this time use the new subclass (dummy-layer) and change the data on it to layer 3 that was free of data in step 4.
  7. Delete new subclass (dummy-layer).
    You are now back to your original layer count and all the data has switched layers.