I have a schematic and board file in 17.2. Although I am able to open each file, when I generate a netlist and import it to the layout I get a number of errors. One error states, "no oversight detected." The other states, "no warning detected."

In an attempt to resolve the errors, I closed both the schematic and editor and ran netlist import again. Did not get the same errors but it rat nested   connections. Why does it not seemingly recognize the routs already in place??



Run Tools > Derive Connectivity and turn on all of the Converts and then select OK. If the clines in the net are all intact, it will see the connection and take away the rat.

Run Export > Quick Reports, and check the "Summary Drawing Report" to identify whether there are "0" missing connections.

The errors may be due to the version of 17.2. Be sure to install the latest hotfix.