I am getting an error when I tried to place a component. The error message states a padstack that was created using version 15 and suggests I run the DB Doctor to update the padstack.  

How do I do that using the Padstack Editor?  I am running Allegro version 17.4.





You can update the padstack by completing the following steps.  

  1. Add the directory C:\Cadence\SPB_17.4\tools\bin to your PATH environment variable.
  2. Open a DOS command shell and change to the directory that contains the padstack.   (V:\allegro\padstacks_17_4)
  3. Issue the following command to updates your padstack to version 17.4:
    allegro_uprev_overwrite 2_90x1_65.pad
  4. If you have additional padstacks in this directory that are created in the previous version, issue the next command that follows:
    allegro_uprev_overwrite *.pad