I am having trouble with the 3D view of my board, which is incorrectly displaying the board outline. 

The board outline was originally brought into a mechanical symbol .dra as a .dxf. As this initial shape was comprised of multiple lines, I converted it to a board outline of a shape and placed it on the board outline layer. 

After saving the board outline as a mechanical symbol dra, it was placed in my .brd drawing to be used as the board outline.  

Although I placed the board outline on two different boards, when I view the 3D file, the board shows basic rectangles when the boards have arcs in them. 



The board outline on the BOARD GEOMETRY/OUTLINE class/subclass may have problems displaying properly when the OUTLINE subclass also contains other lines and shapes.  

To ensure the outline appears as expected, create the shape outline with the BOARD GEOMETRY/DESIGN_OUTLINE class/subclass. Other cutouts should be defined as shapes on the BOARD GEOMETRY/CUTOUT class/subclass.