In PCB Editor, I get the following error (in place.log file) when I try to use “Place Interactive” option: “Error: No Placement Grid was found”

I can place the components manually without issue. Only the intertool communication is not working.


Suggested Solution

The Place > Interactive menu command requires placement grids to be set up by selecting the menu items:  Place > Autoplace > Top Grids.


If you are simply trying to select the components from the schematic and interactively placing them on the PCB, select the menu command, Place > Components Manually.

With the Place window open you can select the Hide button. You can then select components on the schematic.

In order for this to work, you need to have the PCB and schematic in sync and verify communication is turned on between the two applications.


To enable intertool communication:

  1. Select the Capture menu items: Options > Preferences. Your selection opens the Preferences form.
  2. Click to open the Miscellaneous tab.
  3. Check the Intertool Communication control. This control is located on the right side of the form about half way down.
  4. Click the OK button.


If you are using version 17.2:

  1. Verify your Capture design is open.
  2. Choose the menu items: Tools > Create Netlist.
  3. Check the option to Create or Update PCB Editor Board.


Once the netlist is completed and imported to the PCB design, the Editor should open and you should be able to cross probe between the two applications.