Although I installed the Panel/Documentation Editor for PCB Editor 17.2. it is not appearing in PCB Editor.



If the Panel/Documentation Editor is not available after installing the PCB Editor MO software option complete the steps below.  

  1. Ensure first that the installation was done with administrative rights. Sometimes when not installed as admin the installer fails to create the “allegro.ilinit file that is critical for the software to load. If it was not specifically loaded as admin, please reinstall using those permissions.  
  2. Open your HOME directory. You can identify and open your HOME directory by pressing your keyboard Windows key + R and typing in %HOME%. The following files should be present in the folder pcbenv:

  3. If the above files are missing, the downloaded installer may be corrupted. It is recommended to redownload the MO software and re-install.
    It Is not recommended to create these files manually. Please contact EMA if the re-installation as administrator fails as the solution may vary from one system to another.