I added some footprints to my Capture schematic. I also made some components and assigned names in PCB Editor. But I don’t know where to save the PCB components so that Capture will be able to locate them. I placed them in the allegro file but the schematic cannot find them.



A PCB Footprint symbol has two files. One with a .dra extension and another with a .psm extension. The .dra file is the drawing file that you edit in the PCB Editor and Capture uses this to show you the footprint view in the schematic editor. 

The .psm file is a compiled version of the symbol which PCB Editor uses when you place the footprint on your board design.


To enable PCB Editor to find your symbols and other files, you need to save your symbols in a common directory and point to this directory with the PSMPATH variable. This variable is defined in the PCB User Preferences Editor (Setup > User Preferences menu).  

  1. Click to open the folders: Path > Library. Library variables display on the right side of the dialog.

  2. Click an Ellipsis of a variable to set a variable value. For example, click the Ellipsis button for psmpath.

  3. Enter the path of your shared directory, and click the OK button to save the path setting.