I am using PCB Editor and I need to re-order my reference designators. How can I do this? 


Suggested Solution

There are two steps to renumber your reference designators. First, renumber your board reference designators from the Manufacture > Auto Rename menu then back annotate the reference designators to your schematic. Instructions to rename your reference designators for PCB Editor and Capture are provided below. 


Renumber PCB Editor Reference Designators

  1. Backup your schematic and PCB files.

  2. Open PCB Editor and select the menu items: Manufacture > Auto Rename > Refdes > Rename.

  3. Click the Setup button.

  4. Clear the check boxes for Top Layer Identifier and Bottom Layer Identifier. Check the box Preserve Current Prefixes.
  5. Close the dialog.


Back annotate PCB Editor Reference Designators

  1. Open the schematic design file in Capture.

  2. Select the .dsn file in the Project Manager.

  3. Choose Tools > Backannotate.

  4. Verify the file locations are correct recorded in the PCB Editor tab.
  5. Select the check box Update Schematic. Click the OK button.
  6. Verify the update is correct.