When I click my OrCAD Desktop icon to launch PCB Editor, the product seems to start but when I select Start Page > New Design, I only have the option to create a board, which is not what I want.  

When I open an existing design, I am only able to work with a board. When I try to open a new project, nothing happens. However, when I open an existing design, things work as expected. 



If the your OrCAD software is not starting as expected, use your right mouse button to click your OrCAD Desktop icon. Select Properties from your right mouse pop-up menu.

On the form that opens check the Target field to verify it is pointing to the correct application. The first screen image below provides an example for PCB Editor. 




The next screen image that follows, provides an example for Capture.



Click the OK button to apply and save your settings. Relaunch your OrCAD product, which should now work as expected.