Although I can access all of my network drives from OrCAD Capture, I am unable to see the drives when I open PCB Editor. Why is PCB Editor unable to show network locations when I select File > Open?



The issue may be that when you start entering a UNC path, Allegro immediately tries to resolve a network scan (which takes approximately 60 seconds) and appears to crash. By pasting in the UNC path, however, the network scan is skipped, and you immediately open the location. You can save the network location for future reference in your “Favorites” folder, which is the best solution. Next time you select File > Open, you will see the network drive 

  1. Select the PCB Editor menu items: Setup > User Preferences.
  2. Click to expand the UI folder and the Browse sub-folder.
  3. Set the "new_filedialog_disable" variable to on as shown below. You may need to restart the PCB Editor.

  4. When you get to the open dialog, pause, open Notepad.   
  5. Enter your network address using UNC pathing (\\servername) copy it from Notepad and paste it into the Open dialog as shown below.

  6. Click Open and you’ll see the shared items on that server.  
  7. Select your shared Item and drag it over to the “Favorites” on the left and next time you can just click on the location.