OrCAD PCB Standard 17.4 worked fine for the past two weeks. But now it loads without a design. Although the license checks out successfully, when I attempt to open a design, the program hangs. I have installed all of the tools and reinstalled OrCAD PCB Standard and I get the same behavior. I am running Windows 10.   



This type of issue is typically caused by graphics drivers and the way that OpenGL is being handled. You can disable OpenGL by setting the disable_opengl variable, but you won't have the enhanced graphics features.

To resolve the issue, check for updated video drivers. There are generally two sources. One is the video chip manufacturer (NVIDIA, Intel, etc.) and the other is the system integrator, (Dell, Lenovo, etc.) Check with the system integrator website first in case they have an updated driver specific to their systems. If that doesn't improve things, then check with the video chip manufacturer.