We purchased OrCAD PCB Designer to fix some minor issues we have with our board house since they use Allegro. However, they use  version 17.2 and I am unable to open their .brd files without corrupting them in 17.4.

Am I able to use a “Cadence Switch Release” program to switch between versions ?



If you are working with your board shop where version 17.2 is used, there are three options that can enable you to alternate between the 17.2 and 17.4 versions. 

  1. You can download and install version 17.2 on your system. Your 17.4 license also allows you to run version 17.2.
  2. When using version 17.4 and you want to share your design with the board shop, select Export > More > Downrev Design before forwarding the file.
  3. Use the a compatibility mode that allows you to work in 17.4 but keeps the board files in 17.2 format. To setup this option, select Setup > User Preferences to open the Preferences Editor. Open the Drawing folder. On the right side of the form set the value for database_compatibility_mode to 17.2. 

 The Switch Release Utility is used to switch between versions of the software but is not generally needed for versions 17.2 and 17.4. It was required for earlier releases because of the use of environment settings in those versions.