I am receiving the warning message that states, "WARNING(SPMHDB-212): Design feature(s) are disabled because selected product and options(s) do not match design capability required."

Does this mean my license is not working? I never got this warning before today.   





The PCB Editor has 3 tiers, OrCAD PCB Designer Standard, OrCAD PCB Designer Professional and Allegro PCB Designer. Each tier having more features than the previous one.

The board was probably saved from the Allegro PCB Designer where the constraint for the maximum number of vias, exposed length and constraint regions were defined. 

Since OrCAD PCB Designer does not support those constraints, you received the warning message.  If you continue to work with this file in OrCAD PCB Designer Standard, there will be no data loss. The message simply informs you there are constraints assigned that are not checked.

To suppress these warning messages:

  1. Select the PCB Editor menu items: Setup > User Preferences. This opens the User Preferences Editor.

  2. Click to expand the Drawing folder.
  3. Click to place a check mark in the selection box for db_tier_nomsg.
  4. Click the OK button to apply and save the setting.