Are .brd files saved in PCB Editor 17.4 files backwards compatible with version 17.2 and 16.6? Can .brd files created in 16.6 or 17.2 be opened in version 17.4 and can they load properly without problems when saved as 17.4 .brd files?


Suggested Solution

By default, board files saved in 17.4 are not backwards compatible to any previous release. However in 17.4 you can select the menu items: Export > More > Downrev Design to save the file in 17.2 format.  


The 17.4 features in the file are stripped out and you receive notification during the process as shown in the sample warning message below.



Version17.4 also has a compatibility mode that you can set so that your designs are always compatible with 17.2.

Files saved by version 17.2 and 17.4 are not backwards compatible with 16.6 and the files cannot be down-reved.

Version 16.6 files can be read into version 17.2 and 17.4 without issues. You will receive a warning that the file was saved with version 16.6. Once up-reved you are unable to go back to version 16.6.