How can I add a new property to an existing library part as well as a new library part?


You can add a new property to a library part in PCB Editor by completing the steps below. 

  1. Open the part in the Part Editor.

  2. Notice in the ‘Part Properties’ section of the Property Editor where property names are listed.

  3. Click the Add/New property button which is represented by the plus sign (“+”).  This button is highlighted in the image below.

  4. Type in the name of the desired property (in this case “Rated Power”).

  5. Select the next cell and enter in the Value desired for this new property.

  6. Select the “Check Mark” at the end of the value cell, it you are happy with the entry.  

  7. If you want to remove (delete) this new property, make sure to select the property and then select the red ‘X’ at the end.