How can I locate the capture.ini file?



If you are using Capture version 16.6 and later, the CAPTURE.INI file location can be found by opening Capture and looking at the 1st line of the Session Log.   This is generally located at the bottom of the Capture window, You can also open the Session window by selecting the menu items: Window > 1 Session Log.  


This line in the session log looks similar to the following: 

INI File Location:   C:\Cadence\SPB_Data\cdssetup\OrCAD_Capture/17.4.0/Capture.ini


Alternatively, you can locate the capture.ini file by completing the following steps: 

  1. Open a “File Explorer,”   “Windows Explorer,” or “My Computer”. 

  2. In the address line, delete the contents in the address line and enter “%home%”, (without the quotes).

  3. Press your keyboard Enter key.
    File Explorer should now show the folder location of “CDSSETUP.”

  4. Click to open the CDSSETUP folder and then open the "OrCAD_Capture” folder.

  5. Open the appropriate Capture version folder and find the CATURE.INI file.


Or if you are using Capture version 16.5 and earlier:


The CAPTURE.INI file is in located in the Capture directory, which is by default: "C:\OrCAD\OrCAD_<version number>\tools\Capture" or "C:\Cadence\SPB_<version number>\tools\Capture".  


Be sure to close Capture before editing the CAPTURE.INI file.