The default Allegro configuration file that is installed during the Capture installation, is archived in the following directory: 



The allegro.cfg file includes a predefined set of default properties for components, functions, nets, and pins, listed under different sections of the configuration file. By default, allegro.cfg is divided into five sections, written in a Windows.INI format.  

  • ComponentDefinitionProps - PCB Editor component definition properties, output in PSTCHIP.DAT file
  • ComponentInstanceProps - PCB Editor component instance properties, output in PSTXPRT.DAT file
  • netprops - PCB Editor net properties and all pin level properties, output in the PSTXNET.DAT file
  • functionprops - PCB Editor function properties, output in the PSTXPRT.DAT file
  • pinprops - pin-level properties transferred between Capture and PCB Editor


Listed below are the default configuration file contents. Although the list that follows is three columns, the actual file is only one column.



To pass a custom property, just enter the name in to the appropriate section and set it to equal “YES”.