When I try to update our project library information by syncing to a distributor site, the update fails to execute. What is going wrong? 



To verify you are conducting a distributor sync correctly, please check the following.  

  1. Make sure that “CIP Scheduler Service” is still running. Open the Services tool (see screenshot below).

  2. Disable and enable the schedule Task from CIP as described below:   
    1. Deselect the “Enable” check box and then click the “Save” button.  
    2. After the “Save” button becomes grayed-out, select the “Enable” check box.
    3. Change the Start Time by 15 minutes and then click the “Save” button again.  
    4. After the “Save” button becomes grayed-out, wait about 5 min. 
    5. If the Sync Start link is not visible, refresh the page.  

      The sync should start progressing.  


If this isn’t working, repeat step 2 again.