I want to have a custom CIS BOM template instead of the default Eng Bill of Materials, which I can use across different projects and share it with other users within the group. How can I accomplish this?



 You can create the template in the Standard Bill of Materials dialog box. For this, do the following:

  1. Select DSN in the Project Manager. Choose Reports > CIS Bill of Materials > Standard. This opens the Standard Bill of Materials dialog box.

  2. Add all required properties under the Output Format section and set the order of the properties as required.

  3. Check all required options like Keyed properties, Part Reference Options, Export to Excel, and so on.

  4. Click on Template Name and type the name of the template you wish to create, for example, "My_BOM_Template".

  5. Click OK to create the CIS Standard BOM. This template will also get saved in the Capture.ini file.

     Now, in any of your designs, you can select one of the saved templates from the Template Name drop-down in the CIS Standard BOM dialog box.


Sharing this template with peers


Entries of the default and different custom BOM templates are stored in the Capture.ini file. The [BoM] section, as shown in the below image, stores two entries:


  • Current Report: This entry contains the latest BOM template used to create BOM.

  • Report Names: This entry contains all templates created by the user as well as the default template provided by Cadence, separated by a comma.




All the above-listed report names are available in the Template Name drop-down:




The property list and settings of a BOM template are stored under the [BoM <Template_Name>] section. So, for the 'My_BOM_Template' template, the section name will be [BoM My_BOM_Template]:




To share this template with other users, you need to copy the entire two sections: [BoM] and [BoM <Template Name>] to the Capture.ini file of the user who needs it. You can read the location of Capture.ini in the session log at the time of the tool startup. Its default location is: