How can I get the free Allegro viewer?



If you have the software release installed on your machine then the Allegro Free Viewer is installed into the following directory path:  C:\Cadence\SPB_17.2\tools\bin\allegro_free_viewer.exe

The path for version 17.4 is:  C:\Cadence\SPB_17.4\tools\bin\allegro_free_viewer.exe  

After you have the viewer successfully installed, you can access read-only files created in OrCAD Capture and OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor.  The free viewer provides the following capabilities:

  • Open and View schematics (.DSN .OPJ .OLB) and PCB Editor (.BRD) files
  • Measure and dimension tools
  • Cross-probe from schematic to PCB Editor
  • Print

 To use the Intercommunication tool to cross probe between Capture and PCB Editor using the Viewer, you need to select the Capture menu items: Options > Preferences and then check the Enable Intertool Communication selection box available from Miscellaneous tab.