I have a very small layout that I am trying to finish up. The ODB++ gives and translate error and fails to export any files.

I tried to resolve the issue by creating a new directory for the project. I copied the board file to the new directory, I ran the extract, and received the error message below.

This layout was derived from an older design. I pulled in the old board file and ODB ran just fine. Have I done something with this layout that is prohibiting the extraction of the ODB files? When I click the Continue button, I get more error messages, and an ODB folder is created, but there are no stp files in it.


Older designs created with the board outline on the OUTLINE layer are updated in 17.2 and the information is copied to the DESIGN_OUTLINE layer. The data still exists on the OUTLINE layer and ODB++ will continue to work using the legacy data. If this design is the first one to have the board outline only on the DESIGN_OUTLINE layer then that could be why you have not seen the error until now.

You can download a recent ODB++ version from:

The environment variable ALLEGRO_BRD2ODB should have been set during the installation. If you did not restart the PCB editor, it will not see the change to the environment. If you did restart the PCB editor then check to make sure the variable is pointing to the new installation directory.


Once the ALLEGRO_BRD2ODB variable is correctly set as a system variable, the ODB++ export should work as expected.