There may be times where you may want to create an assembly or fabrication drawing that shows both sides of the design without having the secondary (bottom) of the design mirrored. If you do not have the Manufacturing Option, you can accomplish this using the OrCAD ® PCB Editor or the Cadence® Allegro® technology PCB Editor.


To achieve this task, open your design in PCB Editor and perform the following steps:  

  1. Select the menu items: Setup > Colors. The Color Dialog opens.
  2. Enable the view of only the bottom side elements that you want to include in the drawing such as:
    • Components / Refdes / Assembly_Bottom
    • Package Geometry / Assembly_Bottom 
    • Board Geometry / Outline

  3. Select the menu items: Manufacture > Drafting > Create Detail. 
    Controls within the Options tab update to match your menu selection.

  4. Set the scaling factor you want the elements to be and if you want filled pads if you are including them in with your display.

  5. Select the elements you want in the drawing by left mouse selecting a corner of the window and then select the opposite corner. The elements included within the bound box are attached to your cursor.

  6. Select Mirror functionality from your right mouse pop-up menu, and then place the elements on the canvas.

  7. Repeat this process for the primary (top) side by only enabling the elements on top that you want in the drawing but do not use the mirror functionality. Place the elements beside those you placed above.

    The elements will be placed on the Manufacturing/Details class/subclass. Add any notes or text that will be needed.



You can then plot the drawing or add a new film record and create Gerber output.