I have defined and assigned ESpice models to my components in the PCB Editor. Why are the XNets not appearing as expected? 



The use model for creating XNets changed in a 17.2 hotfix. The XNET_PINS property or passive device rules are now used to create the XNets in 17.2 as well as 17.4.   If you want to use the ESpice models, you need to reconfigure the Constraint Manager by completing the steps that follow.   

  1. Exit the PCB Editor.  

  2. Open your local env file and add the following line:

    set CDS_XNET_STATE_UI = ON        # turn on the Xnet section in Tools > Options UI

    Note: the env file is typically located in your HOME > pcbenv directory.

  3. Save the updated env file and restart the PCB Editor.  

  4. Open the Constraint Manager and select the menu items:  Tools > Options.

  5. Notice the three choices for creating XNets located at the bottom of the Options form.  

  6. Select the option to use DML Models as shown in the above screen image.

  7. Click the OK button to save the updated setting and close the dialog. You should now be able to create XNets in your design.