How can I selectively waive a DRC warning for one part without waiving warnings for the other parts? When I try to setup this, I am only able to setup the ignore DRC feature for all parts. 



OrCAD Capture does allow you to selectively ignore DRC component warnings as described in the steps that follow.  

  1. Run DRC and enable DRC Markers for Warning.

    If you are using SPB 17.4: Choose PCB > Design Rules Check.
    If you are using SPB 17.2: Choose Tools > Design Rules Check.

  2. Run the DRC to create the warning markers.

  3. Go to the part for which you want to waive a DRC and select the DRC marker you want to waive.

  4. Select Waive DRC from your right mouse pop-up menu.

  5.   If you want to waive this DRC for multiple parts, complete the sub-steps below.  
    • Copy the DRC name from DRC marker dialog. Double click the DRC marker to view the DRC.
    • Find this DRC in the design.


  • Select one or more rows from the Find Results. You can check part references from the Detail column.
  • Right click on selection and select Waive DRC to waive the selected DRCs.


Next time you run DRC, select the Waive DRC Preserve setting if you are using SPB 17.4.
Or if you are using SPB 17.2, select the Preserver DRC check box.

Now, the DRC you waived will not be reported on that part. Other parts will continue to report this DRC.