I need to update all my CIP Clients to the latest version but do not want to create multiple COS accounts for them to access the update. Is there another way?


The version that is currently loaded for the CIP server can be pushed to clients. Considering it is a newer version the users can download it directly from the web page they use to manage the parts.  Before you begin, an option to enable this must be configured in the CIP server settings. 

  1. Log in to the CIP web portal with an admin account.

  2. Select the menu items: Admin > Configuration.

  3. Locate the option, Show CIP Client Download Link, select Edit and select the check box.

  4. Click the check box to Save. The download functionality is now enabled.

When client users now login they will see an option in the top right part of the main window called Download CIP Client. This is an easy method of pushing a new CIP update to several users without needing a COS account log in for each user.