We plan to relocate our CIP_E Database from an older SQL Server to a new SQL Server. What tasks do we need to complete after the move?


Backing up and restoring the CIP_E database from one server to another disconnects some pointers. Updates are therefore needed for both the server (CIP Web Server) as well as the Client (Capture CIS CIP Client users). 

To update the CIP Web Server

  1. Run the utility “CIP_E_DB_Logins_and_Users_Restore.exe” that is archived by default in the Utility folder (C:\Cadence\CIP-E\Utilties).

    Run this utility against the new database location and create two system user profiles for CIP_E_Internal_User and CIP_E_CIS_Users. Passwords are also need to be reset.

  2. Modify the web.config file for the CIP Server to denote the new location of the CIP database. This file is typically located in C:\Cadence\CIP-E\web\web.config for the 17.4 version and C:\Cadence\CIP-E\CIP\web.config for older 17.2 versions.

    Line 9 should contain a string similar to “Server=SQLServer\SQLEXPRESS;Database=CIP_E”. The portion for “Server=SQLServer\SQLEXPRESS” needs to be updated to reflect the new location of the CIP_E database.  

To update the Capture CIS CIP Client

  1. On the Client side, users of the database need to update their ODBC Data Source for CIP-E_CIS_DB with the new server location as described below. Because this is a System DSN, Administrator permission is needed to make this change.

  2. Open Data Sources (64 bit) and switch to the System DSN tab.

  3. Double click on the “CIP-E_CIS_DB” data source and change the entry for “Server” at the bottom to denote the new SQL Server location.

  4. Click Next.

  5. When prompted for user credentials use the following:
    Username: CIP_E_CIS_User
    Password: Test1234

  6. Click Next, Finish, and OK

At this point the user’s computer is now pointed at the new CIP Database location.