I am using PCB Editor 17.2. How do I create an internal cutout or cavity that creates a void between Layers? I am trying to place the cutouts or cavities between layers 5 to 10 without placing them a cavity between every layer. 


The functionality to create cavities between selected layers is available in the Allegro PCB Designer with the Miniaturization option.

Complete the steps that follow to place cutouts or cavities between selected board layers. 

  1. Open Allegro PCB Designer and if you are using Allegro PCB Editor 17.2, select the Available Product Options selection check box for Miniaturization.

    The Miniaturization feature is used to setup the cross section, which allows components to be placed internally on your board.

  2. Select Setup > Cross Section to open the Cross Section Editor.

  3. Expand the Embedded column. This enables you to define embedded layers as well as layers that allow the component to protrude through layers.

  4. Open the Embedded layers setup tab and define the parameters of components you want embedded.

  5. Once the board is correctly set up, define the EMBEDDED_PLACEMENT property for the components that are allowed to be placed in the cavity.

    Cavities are automatically created as shown in the 2D and 3D views.