I need to configure my ODBC setup for CIS/CIP and need to do so manually, how is this done?


The steps that follow provide an example that demonstrate the setup of the ODBC configuration. This configuration is applicable to both CIS and CIP connections. These steps need to be performed on each client machine that needs this connection established.

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Source (ODBC). Be sure to select ODBC Data Source (64-bit).

  2. Open the System DSN tab. Click the Add button.

  3. Select SQL Server and click Finish.

  4. Enter the Data Source Name. For example enter: CIP-E_CIS_DB. This can be used for either CIS or CIP. The entry of a description is optional.

  5. Next enter the SQL Server Hosting the SQL Database (CIS or CIP-E). Click Next to continue.
    NOTE: You may need to consult your IT department and ask for the location of the SQL server.

  6. Select the radio option With SQL Server authentication using the network login ID.

  7. Enter the Login ID and Password.

    The screen image provided above shows the Data Source setup for CIP, which is CIP_E_CIS_User and the default password Test1234. If you are configuring the Data Source for CIS, Enter the Login ID and Password for CIS.

  8. Verify the default DB is correct. The default DB for CIP is CIP_E. The default DB for the CIS setup is the CIS database name in SQL.

  9. Click Next, then click Finish. Click OK.

    The new connection is now included in the System DSN tab.

  10. Click OK to close the program.

    The configuration of the ODBC connection is complete.