Every once in a while when I try to log in to CIP I get an error about an Anti-Forgery cookie. What is this?



This can happen in a few situations. To resolve them, check the settings listed below:

  1. Cookies aren’t enabled. CIP uses cookies for each session. If cookies are not enabled, this error may be returned as understood by the browser. To get past this, enable cookies for the browser you’re using, or if you’re using the OrCAD Capture CIP Client, enable cookies within Internet Explorer (run ‘inetcpl.cpl’).

  2. Occasionally if you click on the “Login” button a second time it will attempt to utilize the original cookie for a separate session. Since this isn’t allowed, you get this error. Clicking Back and or reloading the page should allow restoration of the original session. If you continue to see this error, clear the cache for the browser you’re on, or if you’re using the OrCAD Capture CIP Client, clear the cache for Internet Explorer (run ‘inetcpl.cpl’)

  3. Check to make sure that your CIP URL does not contain any underscores ( _ ). If you can log in using the Chrome browser, but not through OrCAD Capture CIP Client or Internet Explorer, this maybe the the case. IE does not allow cookies for URL’s with an underscore.