I am updating a schematic in OrCAD Capture. How can I update the document number in our title block, as there are 35 pages in the schematic.


Perform the following steps to update the TitleBlock properties:


  1. Highlight your <filename>.dsn file.
  2. Select Edit > Browse > TitleBlock. Highlight all the TitleBlocks listed on the right using your keyboard Shift key.
  3. Select Edit > Properties.

  4. All the TitleBlock fields appear in the Browse Spreadsheet window. You can change one element and then copy paste that information into the entire column to update the title, revision number, cage code, and/or other editable fields using your keyboard Shift key.

Modifications are only apply to current pages. When you add a new page to your design you need to make these changes in the Options > Design Template TitleBlock tab as well. New pages pull their TitleBlock information from the Options > Design Template > Title Blocks tab.