I find the use of tooltips very helpful, however, I am not seeing Capture tooltips when I place parts. Does the Capture application such tooltips? If so, how can I enable the tooltip display?



Yes, Capture does include tooltips for placing parts. There are two ways to enable or disableCapture tooltips. The first enables/disables tooltips through the Capture.ini file. The second enables/disables tooltips from your Command window. 


To activate or deactivate Capture tooltips from the Capture.ini file, complete the steps that follow. 

  1. Close Capture.

  2. Open the capture.ini file (located at <installation_folder>\tools\capture).

  3. Add the following entry:

    [Place Part ToolTip] Enable=1
    Note: Enable =0 deactivates tooltips, while Enable=1 activates tooltips.

  4. Invoke Capture.

To activate or deactivate Capture tooltips from the Command line using the PlacePartToolTip Tcl command complete the steps that follow.  

  1. Open your Command Window, (if you do not see the Command Window, activate it using View > Toolbar > Command Window)
  2. Enter the following text into the Command line:  PlacePartToolTip 1

    Note: PlacePartToolTip 0  deactivates the display of tooltips and PlacePartToolTip 1 enables the display of tooltips.