What do I need to do to reset the CIP admin account? 


The steps for resetting the default Admin account for the CIP Login are listed below. 

  1. Run the .exe file (from the list above).

  2. Enter the SQL Server Instance info (e.g. MYSERVER\MYINSTANCENAME).

  3. Select the MSSQL Authentication Type, either SQL (enter credentials) or Windows (uses the Windows User who launched the .exe). In either case, the user running the script needs to run the .exe as a user with “sysadmin” role on the database server.

  4. Select Upgrade an Existing Database, then pick CIP_E from the list of databases. If you don’t see it in the list, the user check the authentication. If that is correct and you still don’t see CIP_E, you probably didn’t run as a user with required permissions.

  5. Click Run. Click Yes when prompted to upgrade the database. Wait for the upgrade process to finish successfully. Click OK.

The scripts are typically only run occasionally. 

  • The Admin script is only used to reset the CIP Admin user’s password back to “Admin” when you don’t have another CIP user with Admin role assigned. If you do have such a user, they can reset the Admin user’s password. 
  • It is only necessary to run the EnableCLR.exe if you want CIP to work with Smart Value and it was not enabled during the initial database installation.        
  • The Smart Value CLR feature enables a smart search on values containing SI units (e.g. Mohm, pf). If you choose not to add this feature, you may add it later by re-running the installer.

Note: Smart Value CLR feature is not supported with SQL 2008 or SQL 2008R. Once the Smart Value CLR feature is added, it can not be removed.