SQL Express is used to house the CIP database and needs to be updated as newer releases of CIP are released. The instructions that follow describe how to install and setup SQL Express 2016 for 17.4 CIP.

  1. Download SQL Express 2016 Installer from: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=56840

  2. Navigate to the download media section.

  3. Select the Express Advanced option.

  4. Once downloaded run the installer that is downloaded by the program as administrator.

  5. The installation package is extracted and installation options are presented.  

  6. Select the New SQL Server stand-alone Installation or add features to an existing installation and accept the terms and continue.

  7. Select the check for updates if desired. It will then perform a system check, once done leave all the instance features as default. The named instance and Instance ID can remain default but can be changed if desired.

  8. Ensure the SQL Server Browser option is set to Automatic on the following screen. This option is disabled by default and needs to be selected.

  9. Ensure on the next screen Mixed Mode is selected.

  10. When prompted enter a password for the SA account. This is required for the CIP installation.

  11. Then install and configure.

  12. Once the installation is finished, launch the SQL Server 2016 Configuration Manager. Under the SQL Server Network Configuration tab, enable TCP/IP.

  13. Finally navigate to the SQL Server Services tab and right click the SQL Server (SQLExpressInstanceName) and restart the SQL Server.  

    The initial SQL Express basic configuration for CIP is now complete.

Optionally you can also install the SQL Server Management Tools that is included in the installer. However this is not required for CIP to function.