During installation of the CIP server and database, I received an error that prevents the creation of the CIP_E_CIS_User and then the installation process terminated. 


This type of error most frequently occurs when a company's password policy is preventing the creation of the CIP_E_CIS_User. 

To solve this you need to have SQL Management Studio installed. 

  1. Open the SQL Management Studio and login using a account that has SA access either by Windows or a SQL account.

  2. Once logged in expand the Security tab on the left side of the screen and expand Logins.

  3. Create a new user called CIP_E_CIS_User. Also create a password that is in compliance with your company’s password policy.

  4. Deselect Enforce password expiration.

  5. Install the CIP database is installed, modify the properties for this user, and change the default database to CIP_E.

  6. Enable the user.