I am using Allegro PCB Editor and would like to use HyperLynx for signal integrity simulations. 

How can I export data from Allegro PCB Editor to HyperLynx for simulation?



This translator is provided by HyperLynx (from Mentor Graphics). This program requires three files that can be generated from an Allegro database using extracta. You must use an extract command file supplied by Mentor Graphics.

This extract program will generate the following three files:

    filename.a_l    contains board layer stackup information

    filename.a_o    contains board outline information

    filename.a_c    contains board connectivity and component information

Contact Mentor Graphics Support for a copy of the extract command file, hypd.txt (Windows) or hyp.txt (Linux) and use with the Allegro PCB Editor extracta command.

extracta <board.brd> hypd.txt filename.a_I filename.a_o filename.a_c

This will generate the necessary files to load into the HyperLynx translator. This will create a <board.HYP> file which can be loaded into BoardSim for simulation.