I need to release a license without stopping my License Manager server. How can I do this?



  1. On your license server, open a Windows CMD prompt.

  2. Enter the following commands based on your needs.  

To report all active users and identify the license features they have, enter the first command below:

C:\Cadence\LicenseManager\lmutil lmstat -a -c C:\cadence\licensemanager\license.dat

To remove a specific license, run the next command filling in the brackets using the info gained from the command above:

C:\Cadence\LicenseManager\lmutil lmremove -c C:\Cadence\Licensemanager\license.dat [FEATURE NAME] [USERNAME] [HOSTNAME] [DISPLAY NAME]

NOTE: Ensure the path is adjusted if you installed the LM to a different location.