I have been accessing my OrCAD applications through a virtual server. We recently updated our server. Now we have an issue with MFP licensing and a warning message that says access will end after a seven day grace period. How can we correct this issue?

Suggested Solution

Whenever you are accessing your OrCAD applications through a virtual server and the hardware supporting the access is updated, you need to update (re-virtualize) your license file. When this occurs, licensing enters a grace period that shuts off access every seven days.

To resolve your licensing issue install the updated version of Cadence License Manager (LM). Then complete the steps that follow for Windows or Linux to generate the three files you need to forward to EMA Technical Support along with your request for a re-virtualized license. The three required files you need to generate and forward to EMA Technical Support are mfp_out.txt, mfp_out.xml, and mfp_out2.txt. 

If running Windows, download the file for the updated license manager. 

If running Linux, download Linux_LM_Flat_Files_11.14.1_64bit.tar for the updated license manager. Details about the Linux License Manager are provided after the Windows instructions.

Windows Instructions

  1. Install the updated Windows License Manager.
  2. Verify you have the updated MFP.exe. This file is typically archived in the updated directory C:\Cadence\licensemanager.

  3. Open a command window and type the following into the command window:

    lmutil lmhostid > mfp_out2.txt

  4. Double-click MFP.exe to run the application and create the files: mfp_out.txt and mfp_out.xml

    Note: The mfp_out files will have the ‘HostName’ , the DomainName , and the IPAddress.
    The mfp_out2 file will have the HostID.

    The three files generated in steps 4 and 5 are required to complete the license re-virtualization.
  5. After the files are created, compress/zip the files and forward them to EMA Technical Support (Attention Walt and Sales).
  6. Walt, the Manager of EMA Technical Support will create the re-virtualized license file. 


Linux Instructions

  1. Access the updated lmutil and mfp files from in the Linux_LM_Flat_Files_11.14.x_64bit.tar file you downloaded.
  2. Pipe the results of lmutil lmhostid into  mfp_out2.tx
  3. Run mfp.exe to create mfp_out.txt and mfp_out.
  4. Forward the three files generated to EMA Technical Support with your request for a re-virtualization license.
  5. Please call EMA Technical Support if you have any questions.