Although I have both Capture and Ultra Librarian installed, I am unable to access Ultra Librarian from Capture.

Suggested Solution

This error occurs when the Ultra Librarian installer was run without the administrative permission and may occur from either Capture 16.6 or  a 17.x release.

Complete the steps that follow to resolve the issue.

  1. Uninstall any instance of the UL software from the Control Panel > Programs and Features section.

  2. Rerun the setup for UL acquired from the site or directly from EMA from the administrator permission.  

  3. Accept all default installation options. Ensure the HOME or Working Directory matches the HOME or Working Directory specified by your system (You can find this by opening a Windows CMD prompt and typing in “Set Home”)

  4. Continue the installation as normal.

  5. When installation is complete, open Capture. The tab for Ultra Librarian should now be available.

    If you continue to have an issue accessing Ultra Librarian, please contact for further assistance.